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Personal Accident Insurance

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    What is Personal Accident Insurance?
    This is a contractual agreement between an insurance provider and policy holder.
    The insurance provider agrees to pay the policy holder a monthly income should they be unable to continue working due to an accident.

    In return for this, the policy holder will pay the insurance provider a monthly premium.
    This insurance policy is also known as Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance or ASU Cover.

    Please note that this policy will run for a maximum of 1-2 years dependent upon your policy.

    Do I really need Personal Accident Insurance?
    We can never predict an accident which is why we never expect to be involved in one.

    Millions of us have accidents every year whether itís inside the home, playing sports, recreation events, at work, in the car etc and if your not prepared for it then not having Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover & being involved in an accident can not only can it be an inconvenience on your life but it can also have a devastating effect on your finances.Click here for your free Personal Accident Insurance Quotes

  • Could your household survive financially with the loss of your income?
  • Do you have mortgage or rent payments, any loans or outstanding finance?

    If so, could you and your family continue to pay these financial commitments whilst you are on the road to recovery.

    Employers sick pay will usually only pay you for up to 4 weeks and then you have to rely on measly state benefits (and thatís only if you are eligible to them).

    With Personal Accident Insurance you will receive a monthly income which is free of income tax payable to you until you are fit enough to return to work which you can use to continue making those important payments and help relieve the stress of your new financial situation.

    And with your finances taken care of, you can concentrate on your recovery.

    Does this also cover sickness and unemployment / redundancy?
    Yes it does.

    As already mentioned, Personal Accident Insurance is also known as Accident Sickness Insurance and Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover which not only covers you for accidents but also covers you should you have to stop working due to a sickness or if you are made redundant or become unemployed through no fault of your own.

    Lets face it, in todayís current employment and financial market, there are very few jobs out there which are 100% secure.

    If you work for a private company then would you cope should that company cease trading?
    You simply turn up to work one morning to find your job no longer exists!

    In this situation you wonít even have the cushion of Redundancy Cover or sick pay to fall back on should it happen.

    With Personal Accident Insurance (with the option of unemployment insurance) you can continue working safe in the knowledge that should you job cease to exist you will receive a tax free income to help you cope until you find alternative employment.

    How do I get a quote?
    Just click the button below and this will take you to our quote form. Fill in the very short, quick and simple form and you can instantly compare ASU quotes online from many different UK insurance providers to help find you the most suitable Personal Accident Insurance quotes at the best possible prices.

    Click here for your free Personal Accident Insurance Quotes
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